Bubble Chess Anyone?

Anybody up for a game of chess? I worked on this one last night. Should I try to finish? I’m not sure how to implement the valid-move rule checking yet…



it’s running a little slow, however. not sure if there is something that i can do to optimize it.

This is great! You totally should keep going on this.

Chess is such a great game. I haven’t played in a long time. This could be really cool - particularly for people like us who are sitting at a computer for so long :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (An active game of chess in an internet tab…? Why not!?).

You could incorporate a chat. Web notifications - and easily have a user pick up the game where the left of via there smartphone.

I love it!

One thing to optimize; might be to hold of on the drag/drop plug in until you have dedicated servers. Maybe if a user just clicks a piece and then clicks where they want it to go on the board? - and if it can’t go there the spot turns red for a second or something

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Users should be able to change the background too.
I can practically already see an exotic beach in the background :wink:

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That’s pretty cool, keep going on it Andrew

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Wow, great ideas. I will try to incorporate some of those.

Great idea. I remember someone on Hacker News talking about how a little browser based solitaire game they made was generating ~$1,000 a month from advertising.

The amount of time it takes to complete a move needs to be improved though.

I have an idea how to optimize. I’ll try it out first before I say any more in that.

oops, we you got down. please try again.

you created the game, not will be a see that. you will try again…

I deleted it because I couldn’t figure out how to control or validate the piece’s next valid moves

Also the performance (the way it was implemented) was terrible. I might retry later

Kudos to you for trying Andrew :slight_smile:

hello andrew, we got down, also there is nothing, i cant play it game. should be a fix this?

Hey, this is cool!
I’m looking to build a chess variant game and would love to know how you went about using Bubble for chess…