Bubble constantly forcing me to refresh

Is anyone else experiencing bubble forcing the refresh every few seconds? I’m getting it every 2 to 10 seconds right now. Wondering if it’s just me or something bigger?

Anytime you make an edit you’ll be forced to refresh. Sometimes it’s a few seconds delayed. Theirs a plug-in that will do it automatically when needed that’s useful.

Yah I know that. This is beyond that. I’m not touching anything in the editor and it’s forcing me to refresh. I have gone to my account and logged out of all devices and changed the password but I still am being forced to refresh.

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I had just finished building a custom plugin. I uninstalled the plugin and the forced refresh seems to have stopped. Is it possible the plugin (which is not being called on page load) is forcing the refresh?

Hi Paul, I’ve had this a couple of times too. After closing Chrome (or so I thought) it was still happening and I had to use Task Manager (on Windows) to close Chrome completely. After that it stopped.


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Ok thanks so much. I will give that a try.

This seems to have worked. Thanks a lot

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