Bubble Reload - Aww Snap!

Hi Guys,

Just wondering if others are having the same problem as me - I get through about 20-30mins of work then bubble starts to slow down and I know it’s about to reload.

Problem is, it resets the designer’s element tree and so needs to be re-opened to where I was working.

If anyone knows how to reduce the occurrences, can you let me know please? I’m getting frustrated with it!

Thanks for checking in! The Bubble editor is quite resource-intensive, so we do advise you to only have one copy of the editor open at a time, and manually refreshing about once every half-hour to an hour depending on the size of your app. If you have multiple issues in your app, this can also contribute to the resource drain, so we do recommend keeping track of issues and actively resolving as you go. :slight_smile:


Same here, even with only one tab opened, sometimes the memory runs out after few minutes and a hard refresh is needed