Bubble credits to pay bubble agencies

Good Day/evening to all bubble users and/or clients. My name is Andile Mbhele, and I’m a non-technical founder.

I would like to build a website for my startup - Just Vendors Enterprise -, and an accompanying app - Phanta network.

I know how, and what the app and website should do(in layman’s terms), however, when it comes to the technical aspect, I will not lie, I’m totally clueless.

I visited the bubble website, and came a cross a feature that allows me to outsource my proposed project to Bubble agencies - I think, I stand to be corrected. What I would like to know is: Am I able to use my credits, to pay these third party service providers?

Unfortunately, no

Consider learning Bubble @andilewonderboy.mbhel

That is what its premise its about … mechanizing your vision even if you are not a technical founder :wink:

Thank you very much, for your prompt reply.

Andile Mbhele