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Bubble Data API through WebSocket

I know I can use the Data API to request data, but is there any way to get the data in realtime through any kind of web socket?


Websockets and GraphQL would be two very interesting additions to bubble.


++ any developer want to do this plugin on sponsorship basis?

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Not possible. It depends on the Bubble internal code to expose us a WebSocket server. Use case is to be able to interact with Bubble DB in real-time from applications that are not built with Bubble. Basically the Data API over WebSocket instead of HTTP only.

Agreed. Bubble using GraphQL would be a dream.

From Bubble apps perspective, they would have faster and more powerful “Search for Things” because a bunch of stuff could be returned from a single request to Bubble servers. From external apps perspective, they would be able to use Subscriptions to work with real-time data. :heart_eyes:


Does anyone have some news about this? Is GraphQL or WebSocket a reality already?

I could use it to improve the payment system of my app, letting the React Native deal with the Apple’s payment process instead of Bubble over a WebView layer.

Waiting for this too!!

Still waiting

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It is possible to get data through the websocket as a client, but unfortunately it is not possible to create the webscoket server through the bubble because the server would need permission to listen to the connection port.

Having a Web Socket option would be great

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