Can we use Bubble to retrieve data via 3rd party API?

We need to use an API that isn’t supported yet in Bubble’s Plugin’s. It’s the GraphQL API provided by Realm (

Can we use Bubble to retrieve data from this endpoint ? If yes, how would we go about doing that ?

Many thanks.

Hi @ajonno68,

You can install the API Connector Plugin to make API calls. It offers several methods of authentication (plus self-handled), and you can configure everything pretty much like you would in Postman (albeit a simpler version).

Once you properly initialize the call, you can then use “Get data from external API” to access it in your app.

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hey Gaby, thanks for the quick reply! Thats perfect I’ll give it a try.

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hi Gaby, hope you don’t mind but had 1 follow on question. We currently have an “admin” web UI that accesses a Postgres db, via, PHP. It’s genuinely nothing fancy. Pretty much just tables (lists) of the data, or input fields, that would then take the data (input by user) via PHP and then update Postgres.

This “admin” portal is important, but, is LOWWW on the list of dev. tasks for our mobile app.

I’d like to do a quick POC, that reproduces the attached screen. It would get the data via GraphQL (Realm Object Server) and then populate the table in the web page. In this example, all the data is from a single Realm database table, so pretty simple. The CRUD operations I won’t worry about for now - just reading and loading is ok. As am short of time, Is this something you could help with ? I’m contactable via