Bubble Data API Upload Users by 10 POST Request of 1000 users informations is that possible?

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Frist of all thank you for taking time to read my message.

Here is my problem: I would like to upload those retailer as user in my app with retailer 's manager’s emails but at my best tries i was able to create 700 users up to my 1000 users first request, then an error message occures.

Here is how i manage my request.

And it works perfecly when my list is about 100 entries. When I try with more than that it does not work so well.

This is how i initiate my Post Request:
I activate an API Workflow that structures a .CSV file to a plain text formated for the Post request.
then I use the previous API Call to create my users.

I also try with a plugin to manage my request and avoid server to get too busy but it does not works :

I also have tried to trigger data base event on list of Objects to simulate a bulk create thing but is does not work as well as I thought.

So I will be pleased if you have a brilliant idea to achieve my project.
Once again thank you for having take time to read my message,
Antoine :slight_smile:

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