Want to create a function to upload thousands of data to the Bubble database, but the 'Upload data as CSV' has a limit on the number of pieces, so I need an alternative method

As the title says, I want to create a function that allows me to upload thousands of rows of data to the Bubble database.
I want to create a function that can import the data from the app instead of uploading in the database tab, and I am looking for another method because the upload data as csv action gives a warning that the list is too long, even with 1500 pieces of data.
I would appreciate any guidance you can give me, thank you.

You can use an API to do it and then chain them to run one after another and upload 1,000 at a time because the limit for their data api is 1,000 per bulk creation call. Here is the specific section in the docs on how to do it.


do it front end using 1t csv uploader. it breaks an input file into chunks and will upload them as separate files based on your upload limit. excellent plugin.

Thank you all.
I will try it that way.

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