Bubble Debugger Needed

Hi, I’m hoping to find someone to help me with debugging my app. I currently am the sole developer of a Bubble app with over 30,000 users.

Occasionally we’ll get bug reports from users and it takes a lot of my time needing to go through server logs trying to isolate the issue. I would love to have help to solely go into the server logs and isolate the bug for me. Then I can actually implement the fix :slight_smile:

Reach out if interested! Paid of course.


Hello @jacobbseeger , I can help you with this. I have over 3 years of experience with bubble.

You can reach to me at razaadeel8@gmail.com

Hey @jacobbseeger :wave:

We would be happy to help. You can check us out here: NoCodeMinute - Development Services

We could go through the logs for you and diagnose the issues. If you have any questions please let me know.

You can message me directly, via email or book an introductory call to get started.

Jason :blush:

Hey @jacobbseeger ,

Dropped you a message, awaiting your response. :smile:

Hi @jacobbseeger,

We can absolutely be of help on this. Please check inbox. Thanks.