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Bubble Developer Needed for ongoing technical support issues and continued Dev. & Implementation


We have a working app up and running. Development has been over the last 12 months. We are in need of a new Freelance Tech. for ongoing support and changes. Our last partner was offered an equity position and is no longer able to devote any time to our project.

We are looking for a 1 on 1 scenario and not interested in hiring a firm or company so please don’t contact us if that is your case.

We have a budget of 35-55/hr. and due to the technicality of our project good English skills are a must.

Possible equity play down the road for the right individual.
Looking for someone to start immediately.

We look forward to talking with you.

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Hey! For the next couple of weeks, I am hashing out a larger backend project BUTTTT if you’re not crunched on time, I’d be interested in chatting and seeing if I could fit your need!

I am a native English speaker (raised in MI) completed my Master’s Degree at Florida Tech with a 4.0, so communication skills are no issue.

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Hey Jared!
Thanks for getting back to us. How long have you been doing bubble dev.?


I don’t trust @jared.gibb. His hair says business professional, but his beard says let’s go chill on the beach. We must solve this mystery.

Hire him @luxurymotors1 !

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This is 100% accurate. :joy:

I’ve been working with Bubble for around a year. I’ve been involved with nocode for around 2 years now. Started with airtable forms and using Thunkable. Then I finished my first published app to use in my graduate research. From there I was hooked on nocode and eventually started dabbling with JavaScript. Because, you know, 2 kids, full time work, and learning to use nocode while in grad school isn’t enough…. :laughing:

I just started on a larger project to create a plugin for a Bubble app to completely offload authentication and data storage to a Canadian Firebase/Firestore data center.

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@luxurymotors1 FWIW I’ve been stalking Jared in the forums for months now :laughing: - he knows his stuff!

Great to hear… A fellow normal overachiever lol… When would work for us to chat on the phone?


My name is Aiya and I’m BDM at Swiftle, a Bubble development studio.

Ready to be your technical partner and perform your task in the most appropriate way.

We have got a team of developers, that is a much safer way than rely on only one person.

Anyway, I’d love to meet you and believe we have a wide range of topics to discuss.

In case you are interested and want to discuss in more detail, use the following link to book a call:


Kind regards,

So, today I’m open between 11-4 EST


Anytime After 9:30PM

today works for me… by chance are you available now?

3pm est. work for you? running into another appt. now… Thanks Eric

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Yes that works for me. Shoot me a message via email here

[email protected]

Hello @luxurymotors1
I’d like to talk to you also. I’ve been working as a web designer for the last 20 years, and developing web apps with Bubble for the last couple of years.
I’m not a native English speaker, but I’m used to working in English, so that won’t be a problem.

Hey, I am interested. Would like to know more details.


I have sent you a private message here on the forums. I would love to chat about this project!

I look forward to hearing from you,

Hey Jared,

I also have an existing bubble app and am looking for a new dev for ongoing maintenance, updates, and build-out after our last dev has vanished. Let me know if you have any time available after your current project is finished. Can’t find a way to DM you here… maybe my account is too new, not sure.


Just sent a pm

Hi Cal,
We have already found someone. If anything changes I will reach out. All the best!

Hey 23100216,
We have already found someone. Thank you for your interest.
If anything changes I can reach out to you.
All the best!

Hi Cristian,
We have already hired someone for the position.
Thanks for your interest!
All the Best!