Bubble Developer, SaaS Platform - Part-time to Full-time

We are creating a leadership support tool that’s helps leaders build, develop, and retain their teams.

We are currently a small but growing team of six in total, consisting of both design (Figma) and Development (Bubble). You’d need to collaborate with other Bubble developers (currently two) and the engineering lead, developing from Figma designs. This would be ongoing work and we operate in one-week sprints, coordinating on Slack, Trello, and Zoom calls.

We are looking for someone to join us long-term and be able to commit to 20 or more hours per week, then ramping up to full time in parallel to the rest of the team. We done most of the heavy lifting for the UI and database, but we have plenty more to do to develop that out. Future work will include APIs, advanced functionality, reporting & dashboarding, and custom development as needed.

Please let us know if you are interested by answering the following:

  • when are you available to start and how much time can you commit per week (minimum and maximum)?
  • are you open to a long-term engagement?
  • can you attend twice-weekly Zoom meetings at 11:30am EST/GMT-5?
  • What does a successful project look like to you? Can you share an example of one you’re proud of?


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I am interested at your post and i could like to work with you guys you can e mail me at >emmanuelkibet186@gmail.com so that we can communicate.

Hi I’m available immediately. Ready to spent up to 40 hours per week. All questions yes

i am interested
contact me at martin@consultantsfromasia.com


I’m a fullstack developer (5 yrs exp) turned Bubble developer (2 yrs exp) and I’d love to discuss this opportunity and potentially work with you on your project!
Thanks to my fullstack skills, I can create almost every feature you’d need and turn designs into responsive bubble pages and elements.

  • I can start this week and commit up to 20-30 hrs per week or more as needed.
  • Yes, I’m open to long term engagement.
  • Yes, I can comfortably attend meetings at those times.
  • A successful project to me is one that looks modern, clean and is clicky fast! I put a lot of time in optimizing everything so that my bubble apps are clicky fast no matter how complex of a workflow it has to handle!
  • A successful project I’m proud of is - iuvo.us - I was responsible for everything in this project, as a one man team, I first designed in figma, then developed on bubble. Take a look, I’m sure you’ll love it :slight_smile:

You can also directly schedule a meet on my calendar using this link

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you!