Looking for 6 Bubble developers, 3 months ++

We have three clients, each looking for good bubble devs.

They are all building platforms that will be hosted on bubble.io.

The job is full-time and remote. If the project goes well, we can offer permanent positions in many attractive companies, as our demand for bubble engineers is growing.

You will start with a Figma file, and then take the project from start to MVP.


/Responsive Design
/Database Architecture and understanding of optimal modeling
/Use of APIs
/Use of Plugins
/Experience with sendgrid plugin

Start in 2 weeks.

If you are interested please send your details on this simple form and we can have a call to discuss.


Can i register?
I only know how to read and write in English.

Is this proposal still standing?

I have 3 years experience on Bubble APP development, with background of UI/UX designer.

If you really interested :point_down:t5:

Hello @nino

Is this job is still open? I fully suit it, can you DM with detail?


If you are still looking, I can help out! You can find my work at https://tinybuild.studio

Let me know :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: