Bubble developers in London

Hi guys any Bubble developer in London?? i would like to make more connections with other Bubble developers and meet up to share experiences and projects…let me know and all the best to everyone!!

Probably many! If you are in East London drop in for a coffee at The Fisheries in London fields.

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@lindsay_knowcode i will do thanks so i will drop you a text after Christmas :slight_smile:

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Myself and some other Bubblers are hosting a meetup in London this coming Monday 19th if you’d like to come along :slight_smile:


Another reason why I am missing London :frowning:

Damn going back home for Christmas this sunday but happy to join next time and thanks for sharing this:)

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Hi @jamesdevonport

I think I’ll pop in and say hi this evening. :slight_smile:

Now it’s warmed up I’ll leave the house. :rofl:

Awesome look forward to meeting you! Im heading up from Brighton :grin:


I missed this meetup
Any meetup happening in coming days or anyone want to drop in ?

Have there been any Bubble meet-ups in Brighton yet?

Not that I’m aware of - would be great to organise something if there are enough of us here!

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Good, well it’s out there now - if anyone’s in or around Brighton and Hove, shout out to James or me and we’ll arrange a meet-up.

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There was me, on my own in 2018 in Hove :slight_smile:


Happy to join the next meet up after the 10 of January :raised_hands:

Guys any meet up soon?:slight_smile:

I live in London. My phone is 00447561622086

We should make a Whatsapp group or some other form of community! Would be happy to grab a pint or two. (Or a coffee if we are feeling productive)


hey, I’m going to London in May to attend NoCodeUK.

I wonder if there will be any other Bubblers meetup around these dates or if any of you wanna meet to have a drink and share experiences. If so, DM me please and let’s gather together!