Meetup in London anyone?

Hi folks,

I started using with Bubble around six months ago and amazed at what you can do without writing single line of code. Here’s an app I built simply to help my girlfriend and I eat better in the week: (with some help from @mebeingken).

It’d be great to meet fellow Bubblers in and around London, U.K. to hear about other cool projects, share tips and tricks, and grab a casual beer, wine or soft drink.

Is anyone else keen?

Alternatively, we could make it an online thing with an interactive webinar etc. Please Reply if you’re keen for that too :slight_smile:


(Also going to post on the London Meetup group here:


I’m down for this! The second link spits {“success” : ”OK”}

I gave up running the London one because Meetup wasn’t really the right mechanism.

Meeting up with other Bubble users was great. Doing a “sales pitch” to some not very interested people … less so.

I’d be interested in the London meetup or online (nice app by the way).


Useful to know, thanks Nigel. By doing a “sales pitch”, do you mean explaining what Bubble is and why people could / should use it to newbies?

Yes, it was either a) people who had an idea for an app and had no idea where to start b) people who had been sent along by their employer to “find out”.

@NigelG Let us know what kind of intro materials would be helpful for newbies in meetups. Can’t promise for this meetup but definitely something we want to look into.

Thanks. That would be really good.

It is hard to mix entirely new people with those who are more experienced.

In the past people have had split sessions for both these, and I think that works best.

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Totally agree. It feels like two different audiences.

For newbies, perhaps running workshops over a series of weeks / months to develop ideas into working apps might be a nice way to structure it - I’ve seen it work pretty well for people learning to code.

For more experience folk, the best example I’ve seen is a Product Tank I attended for Product Managers in Brighton ( I reckon the average person had 2-3+ years experience


Hey @liam.sean.smith, thanks for putting this idea forwards! I’d love a meetup of experienced Bubble users. I went to one of Nigel’s events, and yes, shared his frustration at many attendees being new to Bubble.

I’m based in Cornwall, so it’s a bit of a ride to London, but would appreciate anything you organise over video conferencing.

Best wishes,

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