Bubble Developper Needed - build to-do list web app

I am looking for a Bubble dev to create a to-do list web app (responsive).

The web app allows users to create a to-do list of what they need to do every day (the list is the same for every day), and to keep track of the days when they completed their to-do list and the days that they didn’t.

I’ll share the screenshots (prototype) so that you can see exactly what is needed.

If our collaboration is successful, opportunity to collaborate on other no-code projects.

Happy to help @olivier7 . Sendin you a PM

Hello @olivier7
Feel free to contact me, I’d be interested in looking into the details of your needs.
Sent you a private message.

Hi Olivier,

I want to help you with this task, can we discuss the details of it ?
I’m available anytime, just sent me a PM.

Best regards,

Alex Uniwaid team