Bubble doesn't work on slow connections

Hey Bubble Community,

This week, I found the perfect opportunity to really test Bubble and I found that it doesn’t load at all on slow connections. I recently visited a friend, who had a 1MB/s internet connection (They only use the internet for social media… don’t ask), I tried to access my Bubble apps and even the Bubble Editor on their internet, with no luck. I received “Your browser was unable to load the necessary resources” and the Bubble Editor would say “We’re having some trouble loading application data… Please try refreshing in a bit”. I tried everything, I kept refreshing, restarted my computer, restarted the router, and nothing worked. However, once they upgraded to a 10MB/s internet connection, any Bubble app I visited loaded normally without any issues.

Why does Bubble not work on slow internet connections and only works on fast connections? This would be a big setback for a lot of businesses who use/plan on using Bubble for their website.

I’d like to think what the community thinks about this and if you have any possible explanations for this, I’d be more than willing to read. Share away!

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It’s a good consideration. But chances are your friend is (was) an outlier and most sites would also have performance issues.

If you ever want to simulate the experience of users based on specific connections, you can use Chrome’s Dev tools. (Here’s a nifty guide on how to access it).

For a US perspective, as of last year, Idaho is the state with the slowest average internet connection, clocking in at slightly more than 10mbps. So, given that Bubble works well on your friends internet connection (equivalent to that of the average Idahoan), performance should be fine for the overwhelming majority of users.

For a global context, it’s worth diving into things on a country-by-country basis. You may find it interesting to see how companies like Facebook have tackled this.

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What you experienced wasn’t a result of the slow connection. It was a bug that others were experiencing that appears to have been resolved. Check out out This post and comments

I live in a very rural area and also have slow speeds yet I’ve never experienced issues with Bubble as a result of it. Go visit your friend and give it another try.


Ah, I believe it was just bad timing then. I wasn’t aware that others were experiencing it.

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On top of what Dan has said above, (although it is unlikely) his isp may have blocked connections to the cloudfont servers. Usually this can be caused or fixed by using a VPN service.