Bubble domain AND custom domain not working! help!

I’m about to pull my hair out. Since creating my Bubble.io account, I have not been able to see a preview at all. Frustration level is through the roof, halp!

When I first started playing around with the app features, after selecting preview, i got this message: image

so i thought, okay i’ll pay for a membership, signed up & paid my first month… same message. bleh.
Then I’m like FINE i’ll buy a domain & use that… i get a google domain, do the DNS settings stuff per bubble rec’s (yes they’re correct, i had my IT guy double check to be sure i’m not a complete idiot lol)
I started getting this message:

waited 48 hours, same message. Bubble says it found the domain but it doesn’t point to bubble… YES IT DOESSSSSS. wah!

so THEN, because i don’t do well in frustrating situations (obviously), I bought another domain w/ GoDaddy and tried that, same exact message with the bubble error code showing.

sent a message to bubble & haven’t heard back, hoping one of you can point me in the right direction. what am i missing here?

You could just remove the domain from bubble and try reconnecting. Can you share screen shots of the DNS settings from your domain provider?

when i remove the domain from bubble, i get the “uh oh, it’s gone!” message when trying to preview. :frowning:

Try opening the editor in Incognito in your browser and try it there

no change in incognito window…

ps- I SUPER appreciate your help right now!

What happens if you create a copy of the app and try to preview it?

No problem :slight_smile:

I’ll second what @andrewgassen said, try that as well.

Looking at your DNS settings, the only thing I would try to change is your TTL from 1HR to 600sec (if possible). But I don’t think that would solve bubbles side of thinking your not connected to a subscription.

so i made a copy of the app & tried to preview… got the same UH OH message as before.

Last night, I created a whole new bubble account, on a different computer & different browser (firefox this time, chrome is my usual choice) and got the SAME MESSAGE.


Hm. You may have to wait on the Bubble team, could be a bug. They usually are pretty good at reaching out quickly.

Sorry I couldn’t help.

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I GREATLY appreciate your efforts, corresponding with support team now. fingers crossed! will update when we find a solution (hopefully) for future users w/ same issues.

This is bananas! Please let us know when it’s resolved. I’m intrigued at what the issue may be!

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You are hitting bubble.io, please use bubble.is and that’ll work fine

Hi there, sorry to open this thread, but this exact thing is happening to me. And I am not using bubble.io anyone have a fix for this? Google domains and bubble are perfect but its showing that bubble cannot find any DNS records.

Me too :frowning: this was super easy before cloudfalre changes, what can I do

Everything is pointing correctly but I get a “Sorry no host” message @emmanuel

So in the interim, I just used a domain I setup for another Bubble app pre-cloudflare and I got an error at first. I then unticked the box that said accelerate with cloudfalre and Instantly the settings were accepted and it works.

But I need to use a new domain, help ? :man_shrugging:

Everything is pointing correctly but I get the same error as @aloecf

Does anyone have similar issued or suggestions?

Still dealing with this issue, I’d like to bump it to any new helpers.

I might have something similar. I added a domain,… then removed it.
Now it keeps pointing to the previously added domain.

This is very frustrating,… because now I can’t test anything.
Who has a suggestion?

That actually worked :smiley: but seems like an extreme way of fixing it.