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Bubble down again - live and test

All my apps are with blank pages again, anyone else?

Yeah, seeing massive performance issues. Seems to be a bubble-wide issue

I don’t think it’s Bubble-wide; I was just testing my live app and it’s very responsive and snappy right now. I think it’s only some apps that are affected.

On they wrote:

Transient database issues

Identified - We have a query that’s in a stuck state due to the issues last night, and need to restart one of our databases to deal with it. Expecting 1 - 2 minutes of downtime for a fraction of apps on the main cluster. This happened before we deployed the fix last night, so we expect that the root cause here is already solved, and that this won’t reoccur after restart the database.
Sep 30, 07:42 EDT

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Let’s hope you’re right!

Everything seems fine here on my end!

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