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Something wrong with Bubble?

I was doing an intro to my application for my first client and my app is just lagging. Not working well at all. Very frustrated. Anybody else having these issues?

I’m noticing issues with data reads. My static-type sites are fine, but the pages that leverage the DB heavily are struggling. says everything is fine, tho. @josh @emmanuel anything showing up on your end?

Yep same problem here. Repeating groups are not loading and basic workflows are lagging for very long periods of time. The worst possible night in terms of my app for this to happen to:(

We’re looking into it.


Yes, repeating groups are painfully slow right now.

We’ve narrowed the cause down to a sudden increase in our database write latency. I think it may be an issue with the underlying hard drive. It’s definitely slowing the database way down


Thanks for being on the ball and updating everyone, guys. :v:

Yep - same here

We just failed over to our standby database instance. Too early to tell but I think that may have resolved the issues…

Confirming that failing over resolved the issue – our graphs have all returned to normal levels, and searches seem to be running quickly again.