Bubble down? Reason: bal

Unexpected error, please try again shortly. (Reason: bal)

Anybody else getting this?

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Yes I did. Completely down.

Yes, I’m getting this

@luke2 Was just about to post this. Same thing on my end.

We’re looking into it.


Yes I did

thought it was just me! thanks emmanuel

Fixed for me, back in, cheers

Im back up it seems

same ty

My users keep reporting the error! apparently the service in intermitent, page loads to some but not all! HEEEELLLPPPPPP.

Getting weird responses. Some workflows appear to be working fine but others are timing out. These are workflows that were working fine until today.

Sorry, we ran into a temporary bug and can’t complete your request. We’ll fix it as soon as we can; please try again in a bit!

Pages not fully loading at random times.

@emmanuel do we have any official news from your side? Issues keed arising, people can’t access our app.

Just had this happen to me as well…

Just happened to me, back up again though

Bubble is down

…and it’s back :slight_smile:

…and I thought this was resolved. Argh.

Alguma novidade? acabou de acontecer comigo

"Unexpected error, please try again shortly. (Reason: bal) "

I was just debuting my new app to like 30 people… Then this happens. It never seems to fail. :sob: