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Bubble Dynamic Table

I need to create a dynamic table. Let’s say I have a list of Branches. Each branch has a name. I want to create a (dynamic) table that will hold the name of the division (as header) and then the number of people working for that branch.

I understand that typically I would Do a search for Branches…

My question lies with how to actually create a table where the list will update AND I will have updating headers (and row below with data). Like this:

For example, if I now created Branch 4, it would simply create a new header and add new data beneath the heading.

I understand this is possible with a plugin but so far all my tables have been created in bubble with certain style sets (static headers).

I think what you are driving at is “group by”. “group by” is a technique where a DB query sums/counts/aggregates Things. You can read about that here;…-group-by

So one way would be to have a table


and do an “group by” on branch and count the employee. (rows really) and display in a horizontal scrolling repeating group.

This is a typical approach to this type of problem… :slight_smile:

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