Bubble editor dynamic data entry all of the sudden got really buggy

This started last week. When I try to build a workflow with dynamic data, the format gets really buggy. Not only does it look different than it used to, but I have to re-enter like 3 times before it will accept. I thought this was some sort of update to the editor UI, but then a dev that im working with sent me a link to test a plugin and I realized that his looks and functions normally. Here is a list of the things I’ve noticed that are different.
-underline and bottom brackets around dynamic expressions
-refusal to accept a dynamic expression. (I have to enter multiple times to get it to accept)
-refusal to accept non-dynamic text (it only lets me type one letter at a time. The only way I can enter is by typing one letter, then clicking off that field and clicking back on, then typing the next.)
-this is not just this plugin, but all of my workflows with dynamic text.
see pictures below. What do I do?

buggy version on my app:

Normal version that my dev sent me:

Have you filed a bug report?

Turn off the new expression composer.

Yeah, it’s full of bugs (as has been discussed at length here on the forum over the past few weeks)… so just turn it off and you’ll be fine.

Thank you! that did it. I had searched a few times but didn’t really know the right way to phrase it

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