🕷 [BUG] Corrupt dynamic expression?

Here’s the latest in my Bubble (Buggle?) misadventures while working on a client’s app…

Those “Click” tokens are extraneous artifacts of the editor. They really shouldn’t be there. They might seem benign, but I always clean them up anyway. In this case, when I deleted the first “Click” token, Bubble completely rewrote the last line of the expression! (Note the last line in the yellow circled region. I didn’t touch that.)

This makes me question the stability of the app as a whole. I’ve already experienced a disappearing action. It’s unclear if any of this is related to the multi-version feature, which I had started using but have since decided to stop using based on other forum posts.


I have not yet submitted a bug report. I might do that in the morning if I don’t throw my computer out the window on the way to bed. :crazy_face:

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I’ve seen this wonky behavior too. I’ve also seen copy and pasting expressions, not even pasting correctly. It’ll paste an expression I used a while back.

Edit: I too, have not yet submitted a bug report, but did end up throwing the computer out the window per the instructions above. Will update in the morning if computer turns on and if Bubble bug is fixed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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