Bubble editors with backend workflows examples

I would like to know whether you have encountered any public bubble editors links that use backend workflows.

I tried to search in the forum, but I could not find any relevant case. For a non-tech bubble user, backend workflows can be tricky, and some examples could help a lot along the way.

Feel free to add links in the comments if you have know any examples.


Hello @sensei01

We have two free products for exactly this need. There are examples of all actions, of course backend actions as well.

Once you download the template you will be able to access the editor!

Can you share your search keywords with me? Because there are several separate posts on the forum about these products.

We can add keywords to posts or comments to make them easier to find for someone else.


hey @eren thanks for the reply

yes, those two templates will certainly be helpful. are you aware of any example that includes APIs, too?

hmm, I was searching for something like “api change database rows”. sth that could be similar to one of my earlier questions on APIs and backend worflows.

thanks again,

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