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Do You Have "Back End Workflows" available on your account?

I’ve really been struggling to get data from a RESTful API that is working properly into my Bubble database. I found a way to do it that relies on something called “Backend Workflows”. That’s supposed to be available on Personal and higher bubbled subscriptions. I don’t have it even though I’m paying $30/mo. Can anyone help me figure out why it isn’t in my account or a different way to read in the data from a RESTful API to the bubble database?

Here is a link to the forum topic where I found using “Backend Workflows” is the way to do this.


Hi there, @sarsasparillaj… you can enable backend workflows with this setting.

After you enable the setting, you can access your backend workflows here.


Ah HA!!! Configuration error on my part. Thank you so much!

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