Bubble Expert in API (SAAS) Payment Integration help please

Hello, possibly looking for help with someone experienced in payment integration, (independents/consultancy, simple help options/services? free tips even on here?)

Where in the payment integration company provides IPN to send information and does API to post information, in order to manage aspects of the service.

API calls are successful, IPN tested, it’s a matter of finalizing the requirements for all IPN and API information and assuring proper workflows to manage the information - and assuring it’s setup and working correctly.

To be clear:

We are NOT looking for a payment integration solution as we already have one.
We are NOT looking for templates or plugins, they won’t fit our needs.

We are LOOKING for possibly getting some help in expediting the process to finalize the integration - As what we are using is not a payment integration solution there is a plug in for nor any existing help on the forum. Not sure this is the right place to engage anyone to find this, however, if one doesn’t ask, one cannot get an answer, even if it’s no.

Thank you

Any response, interaction and/or conversation in exploring the process, idea and solutions is appreciated, but also is to be protected by confidentiality and discussions off forum will be protected by confidentiality in order to be able to proceed.

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Hello and welcome!

These posts are loosely translated: I believe I have the next big thing since Airbnb, I want expert help to get me over the line and I don’t really want to spend a penny. If I have to go into my pocket because a few dm’s don’t get me the solution, it needs to ideally be under $100 (or equivalent).

Anyway, the opening sentence seems to be an undecided variable. You possibly want help. Once you have decided whether you do or don’t, have another crack :slight_smile:

Thanks, are you a consideration for assistance, if so, let’s chat? Or are you commenting to help improve the post to gain more traction? Let me know, thanks!