Payment Processing Advice

Hi everyone,
I’m looking for a reliable payment solution to charge my customers during each billing cycle. I’m going to sell subscription-based website membership programs. I know that many payment service providers don’t work with SaaS businesses due to high risks of frequent chargebacks and other risk you’re well aware of.

I know that chargeback might happen, that’s why I’m looking for a system that may have some type of anti-fraud software already built in. Wandering online, I’ve found Ikajo payment service provider. It has an API integration, so using it in Bubble is not a problem. Their offerings, fees, and all the jazz seem to be pretty good, but I’m willing to talk to a person who worked with them directly.

Did you hear anything about Ikajo International? If you work with them, how can you evaluate their prices and quality of service?

I’m looking for ANY feedback, just because I’m really interested in cooperation with them but I don’t know where to start (and whether I should do it at all)… Thank you in advance!

If you region supports Stripe I would go with that as their is plenty of Bubble plugins & support for it from the community here.

Stripe would do what you need and has anti-fraud Radar service built in (although not sure you can use it via API)


Hi @atamaniuk.m, were you able to find a high risk payment provider / gateway for your bubble project?

I’m in a similar boat disputing Stripe’s assessment that my business is high risk, so I’m starting to look at other options. There appears to be limited options for high risk payment providers in bubble.