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Hey all!

We just soft-launched Nucode v2.2 with a complete overhaul, as well as many new features.

  1. It’s fully Bubble-built. I’d love any help taking it through the ringer for tests and sending any bugs/security issues if any/etc my way! :pray:

  2. If you’re a Bubble freelancer and would like to signup and add your availability, hourly rate, no-code tool Skills (ie. Bubble), etc. to your profile then you’ll be shot up to the top.

  3. If anyone would like to become a Nucode Expert (for bubble or any other no-code tools), and would potentially like to make money writing simple written-tutorials for Nucode - also let me know! We’ll be vetting for Expert positions, and will only allow a few per tool for now.

We’ll be adding a lot more filtering options for freelancers this week too so stay tuned!

Looking forward to hearing what you all think of it!


Congrats! :raised_hands:

@joe5 Looks great! Nicely done. Just signed up. :slight_smile:

Two questions/ideas:

  1. When you submit a new template, then preview the template, the blue ‘View Template’ button doesn’t go anywhere. Is there an option to edit our own post?
  2. I’m unable to upload a profile photo, but also noticed that two tags are overlapping.


Hey there!

  1. Dang - will check on this! Just need to check if the url got saved correctly with formatting.

  2. Thanks for sending over that bug! Will go ahead and update that right now :raised_hands:

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