Bubble hosted website is under DDoS Attack

Hey, our website is down due to DDoS attack, tried to reach out support but so far no reply.
Maybe there is way to enable/configure cloudflare from bubble?


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Hi there @stoprussiancapital,

There’s no way to do that at the moment within Bubble. @aless (engineering) and @andrew (success) has helped me activate Cloudflare DDoS protection shortly after I reached out to support.

How long ago did you send your request in?


Hey @johnny ,

Thank you very much for your help.

We had approximately 3 hours of downtime from the moment we contacted Bubble support to the time it was solved by enabling DDoS protection.

Is it possible to get an info from which region/country DDoS took place?

Hi there @stoprussiancapital,

That’s a question you can ask the Bubble Success Associate and/or Engineer who helped enable it for you.

@johnny we didn’t receive a confirmation or any emails from Bubble about it being fix, we just noticed that DDoS protection was enabled.

Can you help us to reach out to someone?

Sadly, I don’t work for Bubble, but I would recommend following up via email.

@johnny oh, understood, somehow I though you are part of the Bubble team that helped to activate it for us.
Thank you for your help!