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Is Bubble protected by Cloudflare DDOS?

Hi all,

I was wondering if Cloudflare protects Bubble from DDOS attacks? If so how do you enable it and is there a way to do penetration attacks on your app?



Well bubble uses cloudflare under the hood, but I don’t think the DDOS and bots attacks are enabled and blocked by default due to the grey cloud.

Few weeks ago, our app all the sudden suffered bot attack with our index page views surged to around ~500 per second for 5 days, our capacity load went ~ %60 all the time (we have 8 units).

Bubble team couldn’t do anything from their end to stop it. Since we use cloudflare as our DNS manager, we tried several ways to block the bot attack like activating bot fight mode, firewall even “I’m under attack” mode didn’t help and didn’t stop it.

The attack stopped all the sudden after 5 days.

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