Bubble.io App as an Iframe on my website - change the browser's URL so the user can bookmark/share what page of the iframe they are on?

I have successfully embedded my bubble app as an iframe on my own website. Hurray!

The URL on my website with embedded url:


When a user starts using the app, they navigate through the different pages in my bubble app:


However the URL on their browser is always “Fashion” because its an embedded iframe - so if they want to bookmark or share a url of something cool they saw on the app, because their browser always shows “Fashion”, they will only ever be able to share the first page of the app (the index). Is there a way to send a parameter from the bubble.io iframe to the browser, and the browser to the iframe, so they can bookmark/share specific links?

ex something like


I know some basic javascript/jquery but was struggling to figure out what to google! Thanks!

Did you find a solution to this? I’m working on the same thing

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