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Embedded Web Page

Hi Everyone,

Is there a possibility to embed a a web page on a Bubble App Page ?

The idea is that users can access external data whhile staying on the App.

Thanks for your help !

either iframe using the html embedder, API or Plugin depending on what data your trying to bring in and what users should be able to do with it.

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Thanks Jarrad,

I tried iFrame with the following code and it doesnt work…

iframe src=“” style=“border:1px #000000 solid;” name=“resa” scrolling=“yes” align=“top” height=“500” width=“1200”>


It is the link to the Flight booking website we use at the moment.

Since I didnt find a solution so far for the planning I would like at least to embed what we already use.

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whats the sites address that your trying to put in the frame?

yer its not https thats why… hold on.

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