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Hey all!

This week the team was kind enough, after attempts to get Bubble SSO setup with them (we got 90% of the way there) to just build the integration.

And I just got done with this x tutorial after the Circle team worked with me to get that official integration live.

Link to the tutorial:

@emmanuel & @Bubble let me know if there is any additional info you see I’m missing in this Notion doc, as this will be shared by the team directly from their docs. Also - thank you to Eve and Malcolm for the assistance in providing great technical support to make this happen!

For anyone who needs a good community forum software, is amazing. They allow you to embed whole topics, single topics, or even the entire app into your bubble site if you wanted to. And now, with a Bubble SSO integration, they can sign in/up with your Bubble app’s account.


That’s great!

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…reads this after building a Circle clone in Bubble due to SSO issue. Nice work @joe5


We’ve all been there it seems :joy:


Wow you’re a hero! :star_struck:

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Thanks for this! Super helpful! I was pulling my hair out getting an error {“statusCode”:400,“message”:"Invalid client_id: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX} message, which seemed to magically resolve when I published to live. Is there something going on here where the integration won’t work in the development version?

Also – might be worth putting a little asterisk not to disable sign-on via circle until AFTER you have the SSO working (I locked myself out because I turned that off before the integration was working, then couldn’t sign in to change the circle settings I needed to to get it to work!)

great idea Maria! Just updated the tutorial doc with this!

As for the first issue - I am not sure it’ll be able to be run until your new SSO settings are published to the live app. So that’s correct! and is an annoying quirk