Bubble is confusing to me as a React developer

I am asking everyone out there to do better in Visual Studio Code than I am in Bubble. I can build a simple HTML-CSS-JavaScript extremely fast, and with Bubble, I feel totally lost and find it a little boring, I guess?

I am reaching out to basically any other programmers or ex-programmers who have successfully made the code-to-bubble.io jump? Why? How?

It makes sense how Bubble runs as an online editor web application, but this is frustrating. Anyway, I was curious if this is odd or if anyone else might think I have a predisposition to these platforms.

I understand how many jobs and opportunities these companies have given to smaller business owners locally and worldwide. But why am I so bad at this…
I think it’s because it’s been a few days, but Adalo, I had Twitter cloned and my own app.

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I think the weirdest thing is losing full control of every single aspect and get used with the editor.

But you will be amazed how Bubble can be customized and fun!! Work with Bubble is extremely fun. And in the end, you will see that you have everything you need to build your projects.

The future is this. We will have most part of the web systems and apps developed with tools like this. It is simpler, faster and much more accessible.

This is the same revolution made by Wordpress, Wix and others when we think in general sites.

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I agree. But for example, if you were asked to explain what Bubble is and how the front end and back end work in tandem, could you? I can explain that most of the web application’s backend was built on Ruby on Rails.

Adalo is so fu of pentesters wet dreams that no one will fix. I still really like Bubble. But I would love for someone to explain to me exactly. It works full-stack and onto a live app or page with barely any security vulnerabilities.


Responsive Editor
Page Plugins
Client side workflows
API Connector

SERVER SIDE - you build you TABLES and your SERVER FUNCTIONS (?) and your APIs (in and out)
Database - sort of Object Relational. Will freak you out if you think in SQL terms. Data editor.
(and Option Sets … kinda like dynamic ennumerations)
Server Plugins
Server Side Workflows - including “bulk”
API Connector

Live/Dev environments (others are available)
Version Control (merge/branch) - kinda
Single button deploy (no waiting for Jenkins or Git or whatever. Press button. Live).

One IDE over the top of everything.

So I think Bubble is a bit like Node.js/Express/React/MySQL Workbench/CRON/Jenkins/Git/AWS Lambda … all mashed into one IDE and simplified.


Want a true no-coder’s answer? I don’t give a crap about any of that stuff. :slight_smile:

No, really, I don’t, and in my opinion (which is probably in the minority), neither should you.

My goal/job is to learn the Bubble platform forward and backward so I know how to properly use, for example, privacy rules to make sure user data is protected. I don’t care how Bubble makes all of that work because I trust that they have super smart folks doing things the right way, whatever the hell that means to actual programmers. I also trust that if they weren’t doing things the right way, the community (or likely the market, in general) would be quite vocal about it.

I’m sure some would say it’s stupid to not want to know how Bubble actually works, and those folks might not be wrong. As for me, though, I am going to focus on using Bubble to solve problems for users who don’t give a damn about any of the under-the-hood stuff as long as the app they are using just works.

Oh, and just one more thought to drive my probably-not-so-well-articulated point home. It’s always baffling to me when folks come out the woodwork here in the forum to lose their minds when Bubble has any sort of outage. Don’t want to deal with what you perceive is Bubble’s lack of competency on that front? Okay, roll your own stuff and deal with your own outages. When Bubble has an outage, my answer to users of my apps is simple… our platform provider knows about it, they have the full force of their collective development resources on it, and we’ll be up and running as soon as possible. It’s awesome to be able to say that and know it’s true without having to care about what is actually happening behind the scenes (okay, I care, of course, but you get the point because I am not one of the people running around trying to find the problem and fix it).

Anyway, I’m sure this response doesn’t help, but this topic is super interesting to me, so I didn’t think it could hurt to chime in as a true no-coder.



For me the big moment of love, “it got this!”, “I can do pretty much anything in this!” was when I grasped the sheer level of reactivity of it. When I was coding web apps I used Angular (originally) & Vue and I got a lot of reactivity in there, there’s still was so much to deal with, Bubble’s frontend reactive framework is a level above. Get used to working with custom states, conditionals, “When true” events, reusable elements (components) and you’ll really get into its power. The DB is like having a cross between Firebase (realtime and NoSQL) and Postgres, a bit like Supabase. In terms of DB structure you need to think as u would with Firebase eg denormalization, optimise for reads over writes etc

It takes some getting used to, most of which is prob ur own scepticism, certainly that was the case with me but it’s well worth it, it’s been a life changer for me.

Hi @atmosphere9999
In fact Bubble didn’t design for developer but for non-coder. I think as JS dev it necessary to switch mindset. Some things easy to do with Javascript are weird in Bubble like filtering or sorting.
But after few hours of practicing, you gonna adopt the Bubble mindset.
Read all the documentation to understand how Bubble works under the hood would help you to master it.

Hope this helps :wink:

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Also agree. What you quoted from me was:
It works full-stack (front end and backend, so no need for front and backend devs).
“with barely any security vulnerabilities.” - I am OSCP certified, which also requires excellent knowledge of IT, Networking, Linux etc. So when I did a simple scan on www.adalo.com, I gave Bubble almost a 10/10 compared to any other except VS Code. Of course, I am a programmer! I am kindly asking for a possible job where they badly want me on their team, but I don’t always feel as impressive as I do with VS Code.

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Thanks, I am loving it now! I just have to make an app by today, turn it in which will not allow me a job or not, so confused.