(solved)Can we trust Bubble?

I’m learning to work with bubble slowly. I always wanted to learn to code, but you know…Working in our family business, being a dad, having a lot to do and many
responsibilities…well… At the end, this is really hard to find the time to learn coding from zero to hero.

I think bubble is a really great way to understand the structure of a webapp without killing ourself with raw code, servers, stackoverflow and a very long learning curve. I’ve found nothing comparable and affordable that can do the half of what bubble’s can do.Seriously congratulation to them… This is a innovative and unique way to build apps.

My concern is that. What will happen if bubble shuts down? We can’t export our work, we can’t work offline, we can’t custom the code. I have used webflow in the past for building a web page. They offer the possibility to host the page or export it in clean code. i undestand that front-end and back-end development’s are not the same. It is just reassuring to know there is a escape door. With bubble, everything is based on the trust we have in them. Do they have enough funding? Is there any waranty or a commitment from them if ever a problem arises?

i’m not saying they are not a serious company. I juste think this is important to know those kind of things before to launch our startup here.

Thank you!

There is plenty said about this topic, I would suggest reading the posts by @emmanuel (one of the founders) about this:

Oh ok,

fair enough.

Thank you