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Bubble is hiring an experienced Bubble Developer!

Hi all,

The Bubble team is growing and now we’re looking to hire our first Bubble Developer!

The full job description is below, but in short, we’re looking for an expert Bubble user who will become the primary builder of our main user-facing web app (which powers as well as a couple key internal tools built on Bubble. A design background is a big plus for this role!

Below the job description are the instructions for how to apply.

Looking forward to hearing from some of you soon!

Job Description

Bubble Developer

Bubble enables thousands of businesses around the world to build software solutions without code. Our users use Bubble to build VC-backed startups, personal projects, and internal company tools. We are often a critical part of our customers’ operations and are very proud to help businesses achieve success through more accessible software.

We are one of the fastest growing companies in the New York tech ecosystem: after a few years of bootstrapping and product development, we’re now aggressively scaling our overall Product team. This is an exciting opportunity to help build an industry-defining product.

We very much dogfood our own product - our main web app ( is built on Bubble, as are a couple key internal tools. We are looking for a Bubble Developer to join the team to help build, maintain and improve the Bubble apps that we’ve created. The role will primarily help with projects on our main web app. This means this person will be executing on a lot of projects that are core to our product experience and which all our users see!

The core skill we are seeking in candidates is Bubble building skills. Given the very user-facing nature of the work, a design background (especially Product Design) or a strong interest in design is a big plus.

In particular, as our Bubble Developer, you would

  • Work as part of our broader Product org to work on strategically important projects
  • Collaborate closely with a PM and Designer on different projects
  • Collaborate with other teams, such as Growth and Success, on their initiatives that require changes to our main web app or internal tools
  • Be the primary person doing Bubble development work on our main web app
  • Help us maintain strong design quality in our main web app
  • Address user-reported bugs pertaining to our main web app

We’re looking for someone who

  • Has had at least 1 year of heavy Bubble development experience
  • Has experience building many Bubble projects that have been used or are being used by end-users, as well as building Bubble apps of heavy complexity
  • Ideally, has a Product Design background or a heavy interest in Product Design
  • Has a portfolio of past Bubble projects to demonstrate their abilities
  • Has strong attention to details with both design and with workflow logic
  • Is very organized when building complex sites/web apps
  • Is passionate about user experience and empowering users to build no-code applications

We’re based in New York City but are open to hiring remotely. (US is preferred. For candidates based in the US, at this time, we are only considering candidates who are authorized to work in the US.) If you’re open to moving to NYC one day, great, but don’t hesitate to reach out if that’s not really on your horizon, we’ll chat.

How to apply

To apply, please email [email protected] with the following:

  • Your resume attached
  • Your portfolio attached (see below)
  • Where, geographically, you would be based for this role (and, if based in the US, your work authorization status)

About the portfolio: Please attach a document to your email with information about your portfolio of past Bubble apps that demonstrate your Bubble abilities. Some guidelines:

  • We are most interested in seeing projects that have launched or been delivered to a client, though if you have a cool side project(s) that’s less serious, that’s great too.
  • We will be looking at both the design and the complexity of the apps.
  • You do not need to be the owner of all your portfolio items (i.e. projects done as part of an agency are fine), but we would like to know your relationship to the project.

For each portfolio item, please use this template:
Name of project
- Edit mode: (The unique ID of the Bubble app or a link to the editor of the app)
- Run mode: (A link to the app in runmode - if you’re able to provide a username/password to a test account, that’d be great, but not required)
- My role: (A description of your role in the project. Also, who else were you working with and what were their roles? We are seeking to understand your particular contribution to the end product)
- Outcome: (What ended up happening with the project?)


Nice update so far. Thank you so much!

I like the idea of hiring someone who has experience with working with bubble first hand. Not only will this give someone the opportunity to learn more, but it will allow them to take a step further into their future with I wish the best to all who apply and happy building!

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