Bubble is super slow

Is bubble slow only to me or for everyone. It is completely slowing down my testing.
Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks

It’s slow for me too.

i belive i know what the issue is, if you have plugins they are likely using unpkg for the cdn of delivery the npm packages. and unpkg is currently down. https://github.com/mjackson/unpkg/issues/338


Yep v slow

@haydnhinks Thanks. Looks like that is the issue as I can see that in the browser url below, but I dont know which plugin is using Unpkg.

oh its alot of plugins, for me currently that’s causing issues I’m using advance multi uploader, feather icons, and lottie-player.js.
If you’ll go into your network tab, likely will have certain plugins not loading at all. But I’m very novice so I could be completely wrong

I think this is incorrect. If you go to bubble.io and click on any of their tabs, everything is loading incredibly slowly…Unless Bubble homepage is also using these things.

i think bubble.io uses the lottie player too.

Yeah right. I imagine this surely has to be resolved soon?

oh no :man_facepalming:

Surely a lot of bubble users would be affected?

Haven’t seen to many people complaining yet

Yup I’m affected right now too. My editor has timed out twice in 15 minutes of using it. Pages are taking longer to load (at least on the test side).

It is still super slow to me. Anyone else apart from me?

It was good for a while, and now its gone bad again. For me I cant even load my website in Australia. Not sure what the issue is, but bubble.io status says everything is okay

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also experiencing page not loading and time outs in production

Experiencing this lately myself for past a couple of weeks. Even boosted an app with temporary capacity boost in app Settings still will load very slow!

Looking from what I’ve experienced, I believe it’s due to plugins which are using Unpkg cdns in the apps which are affected.

Looked through other threads and even this one, it is confirmed that unpkg cdn is down and it is affecting those apps. Try checking which of the plugins are not loading their content properly using Inspect → Network Tab in Browser
I’ve experienced something with feather icons plugin, and gladly it got upgraded recently by replacing the CDN.

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