[Bubble Limit] Conditionnal filter within a search - why isn't is easier?

Let’s say I want to apply a 10% discount to Cart’s Orders, on Products from some Categories :

That is fine. Nevertheless, most of the time, discount apply on all the products, without any restriction on their categories.

1st method, writing a single query :
I must ensure that all existing Categories are copied in each Discount’s Categories. Risky workaround.

2nd method, writing 2 searches for 1 conditionnal criteria.
But with 2 conditionnal criterias, 4 searches are needed. With 3 conditionnal criterias, 9 searches, etc. Painful and risky too.

If a search filter could be ignored with a condition, it would make it much easier :

There may be a technical reason why this has not be implemented yet, no ?

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here same pain it seems

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This is on Bubble’s roadmap. See Ongoing > Features & Capabilities > 1st Item: Make the new default for searches be that null constraints AREN’T dropped

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All right. Thks !