Bubble Manual : Explanation of expose back-end workflow as Public is correct?

Below is the explanation of “Expose as a public API workflow” in the Bubble Manual.
For the expression I put in bold below, I was just wondering : Shouldn’t it be “Public API …” in stead of “Non-public API …”?
Or maybe it’s me who don’t understand?

Check this box to allow requests from outside the Bubble Editor via the Workflow API, either by a client that you built or another service, such as Stripe or Zapier. Non-public API workflows are useful because they can be initiated from elsewhere in the app or editor - for example, for scheduled workflows and bulk operations.
— Unquote —

No, it’s just explaining both public and non-public API workflow uses…

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Ohh you’re right.

  • The first sentence is for Public API (accessible by apps or services other than yours).
  • The last one explains Non-Public API (which means APIs accessible only by your App)
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