Bubble meetup in Amsterdam - June 19th

If anyone wants to meetup in Amsterdam, there will be a Bubble meetup on June 19th!

You can RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/Bubble-Meetup-The-Netherlands/

interested, but:

The Meetup Group you’re looking for doesn’t exist.

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@vincent56 w00ps, fixed it! :slight_smile:

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We’d love this to our this on our meet up page. Can you email us at support to do this?

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done :slight_smile:

Nice. Will sign up.

The meetup was moved to today, June 26th. If anyone wants you can still join! https://www.meetup.com/Bubble-Meetup-The-Netherlands/

That’s rough to still plan for today :frowning: Where is it? Still Amsterdam?

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jup, Volkshotel (see meetup for address and description). It was already moved 2 weeks ago on bubble, just forgot to mention it here…

Thats unfortunate, I’m not in the area today. I forgot to RSVP so just reading it now :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope it will be a great session!

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