Bubble Meetup Saint Louis, MO

I am interested in hosting a Bubble Meetup in St. Louis. I have 24x7 access to a large meeting room, projectors, etc. at the HelixCenter in Creve Coeur.

Let me know. Renato

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I am in Jefferson City so if you get this worked out I would be interested.

The reason for the Bubble Meetup in St. Louis is that for the last 4 years, I have been involved with a group called Capital Innovators (https://www.capitalinnovators.com/mentors). Capital Innovators has invested over $5M in start-up companies and those companies have gone on to receive over $250M in investments. Over 1,500 companies from all over the world apply annually to get into our program at various stages of development. Only 24 companies get in the program each year.

The problem with some start-ups is that they need an application for their front end or back end of the business and cannot afford the time, money, personnel, etc. for development. I am leading an effort to create a Bubble.is applicatoin development service center within Capital Innovators. I think we will call it the “Capital Innovators-RAD Group” (Rapid Application Development).

In some cases the CI-RAD Group would develop the app and hand it off to the start-up team. In other cases the RAD Group would develop and maintain the application for the start-up indefinitely.

I am a former tenured pharmacy professor and I have had doctoral students on rotation focused on information solutions. It only takes 4-5 days for these doctoral students become functional with Bubble.is. We also have access to graduate and undergraduate students at Washington University and St. Louis University.

My goal is to develop a core competency team in Bubble.is that would offer the the 1,500+ companies we see each year with a reasonable fee for service model. My hope was to also include regional Bubble.is users / developers in the program as mentors or paid application developers.

I have to admit that I do not always check into the Bubble.is user forum, therefore I believe we could be missing a lot of Bubble.is users in the region. Hopefully we can get 4-5 participants for our first meeting.

Sincerely, Renato

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Curious if you ever got anything going with bubble in STL??
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