Bubble Pioneer Thoughts

I saw bubble created a pioneer program to get folks to organize meetups - any thoughts?

I know I tired to do in Boston before but interest was smaller than I thought

My opinion… but kind of seems like an unpaid job.

If you want to host a meetup once in awhile, that’s cool, but here you’re given a handful of responsibilities (1-2 events a qtr, build a network of makers, be active on the forum, help new developers, seek out new opportunities for bubble to increase awareness and adoption).

In return you get community awareness and priority support, and some swag…

Not saying it’s not cool, but seems like it’s more work than reward. You’d have to be extremely in love with Bubble (which some people may be!).

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I was thinking exactly the same - unpaid job! It seems like alot of work vs just casually getting together and sharing what you’ve built.

It could be attractive for those looking to sell other services by running the meetup - ie freelance, training etc…

It’s a good opportunity to network with bubblers in the area.

There is value in that to some people.

Of course, leading or attending an event, may not appeal to everyone, but that’s OK.

I like the idea.

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It has been six weeks since I took the decision to step back and rethink everything around Bubble including my participation in the community. I guess I will stay this way for another 6 weeks.

I am having a hard time trying to understand what is Bubble trying to achieve here.

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I like the idea, but i feel like bubble would have to offer funds to pay for local marketing, restaurant hangouts and basic snacks, and proper benefits.

I think a real benefit would be credits towards monthly plan costs, plugin discounts and such.

I agree! Having Bubble meetups would be great. I’d even volunteer to host some myself. But only on my terms, and without all the other responsibilities listed. At that point I become an unpaid business evangelist and bubble employee.