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Bubble Multi-File Uploader - Dropzone - unable to track already uploaded files if multi-file upload is canceled before all have been uploaded

Hello Bubble-team,

When uploading with the Multi-File Uploader - Dropzone, if some files have already been uploaded, they get registered in the file manager but if the whole upload process is interrupted, the already uploaded files can not be tracked.

A “Do search for: file” is unfortunately not possible to find any orphan files that aren’t registered anywhere. This would potentially allow for a workflow to clean canceled multi-file uploads but, like I said it’s not possible do to do right now.

Allowing for a workflow action to occur after each file has been successfully uploaded would probably be the best solution.

Here is an example:
I interrupted the upload at about this point by closing browser tab:

After refreshing the file manager I these files were registered (in the time between the screenshot and until I closed the tab another file finished uploading):

I am unable to capture these already uploaded files, they will take up space and I won’t be able to track them or scan for them to automatically delete them.

In contrast, when the files do finish to upload, then using the “Multi file uploader value is changed” I can track the files and I can create records that allow the user to delete the uploaded files.

However, this isn’t possible if the the upload process is interrupted, which in turn creates untraceable files.

A possible solution would be to trigger a value change every time a file is successfully uploaded, rather than when they have all been uploaded.

Thank you for taking the time to looking into this and finding a suitable solution.


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