File Uploader Cancel Upload action not working as expected


It would appear as though the ‘Cancel Upload’ action doesn’t work as expected (or at least in the way I would expect it).

Currently, I have it as the first step in a workflow when a button called ‘Cancel Upload’ is pressed.


I also have a Progress Bar to track the progress of the upload.

When the File Uploader is loading a file and I press the ‘Cancel Upload’ button, the Progress Bar drops back to zero, and the File Uploader visual element is reset to show that it has no file uploaded. This is what I would expect.

When looking at File Manager, the instant the file begins to be uploaded, there is an entry for the file (even if only 1% of file was uploaded). This is also what I would expect (as it is adding the file to the bucket).

Triggering the ‘Cancel Upload’ action doesn’t prevent this entry in the File Manager table, nor does it remove / undo it. This is not what I would expect.

You cannot target this entry in File Manager for removal using the ‘Delete an uploaded file’ action, as the file ~doesn’t exist~ as it was “never uploaded”.

Given we pay for storage, and it’s bad practise to have orphaned data… this is not the desired outcome when I use the ‘Cancel Upload’ action.

Am I doing something wrong or this action is not working as expected, or is this action working as expected (and the orphaned data in File Manager doesn’t count towards my storage limit) ?

Thanks for your assistance

Just reset the parent group with “reset group or popup” action. It will reset the file uploader element within.

Thanks for the response.

Resetting the data of the parent group does not delete the entry from File Manager.

The issue is not whether the element is showing the data (which is what ‘reset group/popup’ does) but rather, the instant you begin loading a file using the FileUploader element, the File Manager entry that occurs from this action remains even if you cancel the upload.

By cancelling the upload midway through, you orphan the data in File Manager. As it was never technically uploaded, there is no way to target the data for deletion (at least from what I can find).

It would seem that the only true way to stop this, is to allow the file upload to completion, which then gives you a link to target the data… In practise, this means that you have the following options:

  1. Don’t have a cancel upload function for users - just force them to wait for their file to upload (no matter the size and no matter how long)… which is not what anyone would want,


  1. Orphan the data in File Manager using the ‘Cancel Upload’ action, and pay for its storage even though the very action of cancelling the upload should have stopped it from being stored in the first place.