Bubble Needs Beta Tester

Hi everyone,

I know this is not a technical question, but I thought I would start a thread about how to help bring beta testers to new apps being built by Bubble “no code” developers.

I think most people already know that building the app is not the tough part but instead it is getting people to the site and more importantly getting constructive and candid feedback on the site. Too often developers fall in love with their website/apps and really miss the mark when it comes to the MVP.

I personally have spent about 2 months building my website. I would love it if people would visit, create an account, and provide some constructive feedback. The general premise behind my site is that were helping neighborhoods identify challenges regarding crime, neighborhood concerns, and city repairs. I have tried to focus my efforts at the street level of where a user lives as I feel that bring the most value. As an example, how many crimes have been committed on my street, what types of city repairs are happening near my home, etc….

Anyway, I do think it would be awesome if Bubble build a place where volunteer testers could kick the tires of all our hard work. If your interested in visiting my website, please do so at www. Snapidy.com. There is a feedback button under the profile dropdown page if you are interested.

P.S. Thanks to all those out there who helped me overcome many of my Bubble challenges.

Take care,

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