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Looking for a bubble developer to help launch and provide ongoing support for an MVP launch

Hi everyone, I have been working on a bubble app that is about 80% completed and I’m now looking for a bubble expert to help fix some bugs, provide some advice and optimize the way the app works.

Experience working with BDK native, mobile apps, and providing video content through bubble would be a huge plus.

PM me if you are interested and for more information about the project.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

@noahser Hi Noah, I’m happy to help. Do you have more details of requirements?

Hi Noah, your project sounds wonderful. We at Round Pegs ( can help you as we have pre-selected the best freelancers in the market. Would this model suits you?

Hi Noah! We have a NoCode Development company with the best rates on the whole market we are ready to bring your idea to life. We have great expertise with building and maintaining apps. In addition we can easily integrate various content through bubble.

Some interesting facts while you’re thinking:

  • 274 apps, products, landings built for 168 happy startups
  • hundreds in-house no code developers working with 100+ tools
  • trusted by top investors, including Snapchat Directors
  • And yes, we have a 7 Days Trial for only $9

I propose to schedule a Zoom meeting, so I can tell you more about us and we’ll discuss your app. What do you think about that?
You can book it straight away here:

Hello Noah,

My name is Aiya and I’m BDM at Swiftle, a Bubble development studio.
Ready to be your technical partner and perform your task in the most appropriate way.
We have got a team of developers, that is a much safer way than rely on only one person.
Anyway, I’d love to meet you and believe we have a wide range of topics to discuss.
In case you are interested and want to discuss in more detail, use the following link to book a call:


Swiftle demo call - Swiftle

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Kind regards,

Hi Noah,
What you are wanting done is well within my area of expertise and I would be happy to help you out on this.
You can reach me on [email protected]
Best Wishes,