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Bubble New Responsive Engine Two Column Layout

This is the layout i’m trying to accomplish.

My goal is so that when it gets to 992 pixels it becomes one column so what i’ve done is i’ve set a minimum width on Group A & Group B of 497 pixels. The issue is that this is too big for smaller screens. I noticed bubble doesn’t have media queries so what is the best way to handle this?

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Same problem here.

The latest update seems to allow for that:

My settings

@boston85719 there was someone else who asked about this where you even recorded a tutorial Do you remember which thread?

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I don’t remember which thread but the video link is here. It ultimately was not exactly what the user was looking for as I had suspected it wouldn’t be as it required the use of margins.

Still waiting on Bubble to push out the necessary features to make the new responsive engine something worth building with, specifically to have all layout properties available in conditionals. Only once they do that would the new responsive engine be worth building with.