Bubble page redesign

I’m looking for someone that has design skills and knows bubble.

I did build an app and implemented the whole logic. Also responsiveness works (almost) as expect. However, my design looks like on a gameboy from 90s…

Is there someone that can make it look modern and nice. I don’t have many design requirements.

Would be great to talk to you! Send design examples :slight_smile:


Hey there!

I specialize in Bubble + Design and would be happy to help :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You can find more here of my Bubble studio - https://tinybuild.studio/

Feel free to schedule a call with me at Calendly - Paul Beresuita



Paul is very good!


If you still need, I can help you.

My advantages:

  • I have partner view: I care about your business and I will to job for your sucess. I don’t make only the necessary but I make all for have results.
  • I have multidisciplinary knowledge: I studied digital marketing, design think, costumer sucess, user interface and experience.

This is a project I maked for my portfolio, you can see:

These are a projects I work in this moment:

@paul.beresuita I’m interested in a redesign. I’m not interested in scheduling a call. Contact me doug.burden@thirdsoftinc.com