Seeking Bubble freelancer to style existing application

I’m looking for someone to revamp an existing Bubble application. We have a new design and we are looking for someone who can implement the visual changes and possibly rearrange some elements.
The app was built with Canvas Template and experience with it is welcome.

Would love to hear from anyone who is interested!


New designs and improvements in UI/UX are what I breathe and dream, jk :sweat_smile:

I like building good looking apps, you can check out my stuff at

If interested, let’s chat
Calendly - Paul Beresuita


Hi @felipe4 I’m interested.
I have worked for a time developing in bubble for a startup, I am interested in knowing more about the offer and I would be happy to help.


I’ve developed many apps in bubble with a modern, neat and clean design. I’d love to quickly show those bubble apps to you and if you like my designs we can discuss more.
Please use this link to schedule a call at your convenience-

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you!


I’m interested.

My portfolio here