Bubble Phyllo Plugins - APIs to access creator data

We’re thrilled to announce Phyllo’s Bubble plugins. Please use this forum for questions on the usability of the plugins as well as for any feature requests you want us to take up.

Overview of Phyllo:

Phyllo is a universal API gateway that provides Bubble users access to user-permissioned data across 20+ social platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and more.

Phyllo takes care of data normalization, platform partnerships, and app approvals, allowing you to focus your efforts on the product you’re building without spending additional bandwidth on infrastructure and maintenance.

Installation Instructions:

Phyllo Connect SDK

  • Go to the plugin marketplace on Bubble and search for “Phyllo Connect SDK”. Or click here to go directly to the plugin.
  • Click on the “install” button.
  • Click on the “done” button.

Phyllo APIs

  • Go to the plugin marketplace and search for “Phyllo APIs.” Or click here to go directly to the plugin.
  • Click on the “install” button.
  • Click on the “done” button.

Important Links:

Bubble Plugin Guide
Complete Phyllo Documentation
Use Case Library
Data Coverage Guide

Note: To get the full benefit of Phyllo’s product offerings, you MUST install and use both the below plugins in your integration and user journey.


Hey I just went to your website and recipes.
About influence marketing recipe, I see you introduce in video your figma design, in which you showed a profile with an engagement rate in %.

By reading the api doc, I see the following attributes in engagement rate :

engagement": {
        "like_count": 1097,
        "dislike_count": null,
        "comment_count": 45,
        "impression_organic_count": 4000,
        "reach_organic_count": 5000,
        "save_count": 24,
        "view_count": null,
        "watch_time_in_hours": null,
        "share_count": null,
        "impression_paid_count": null,
        "reach_paid_count": null

How do you calculate the engagement rate based on those available fields from your api ?


Hey there!

Checkout the API to get all content items. You can get the engagement object for multiple posts.

To calculate the engagement rate of a profile, you can use the following formula:
Average likes on posts / Total followers * 100
Where, Average likes = total likes on N posts / N)

Pro tip: To get a better understanding of how a profile is performing these days, you should use recent posts rather than all the posts.

Feel free to read more about these on this article.

This looks amazing @himanshu4 ! Could I just check - is this all above board with the social networks or is it done via scraping? We’re very interested in the plugin though already have some partnerships with social networks and are wary of unauthorized data scraping

All this is authenticated data and it’s from the platform itself.

Great! Thanks